Toward Guiding Students: Exploring Effective Approaches for Utilizing AI Tools in Programming Courses

We are excited to announce a new publication by Saari, M., Rantanen, P., Nurminen, M., Kilamo, T., Systä, K., and Abrahamsson, P. (2024) titled “Toward Guiding Students: Exploring Effective Approaches for Utilizing AI Tools in Programming Courses”. This study is part of the book Generative AI for Effective Software Development, edited by Nguyen-Duc, A., Abrahamsson, P., and Khomh, F., and published by Springer, Cham. You can access the full study here.

Study Overview

To address this knowledge gap, the research team conducted surveys across two university programming courses, gathering insights from over 200 students about their experiences and perspectives on the use of AI in programming education. The study’s findings underscored a significant need for guidance on the effective use of AI tools by students.

Key Findings

  • Integration of AI: The study revealed that AI is becoming an integral part of university education, especially within programming courses.
  • Student Perspectives: Students expressed a need for clearer guidance on how to use AI tools effectively and responsibly in their coursework.
  • Best Practices: In response to these insights, the study introduces a set of best practices for utilizing AI tools in programming education.

Implications for Teaching

The findings highlight the crucial role of teachers in providing the necessary guidance to students on the responsible use of AI tools. By fostering a better understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations, educators can help students harness these tools to enhance their learning experiences.

Why Read This Study?

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Gain insights into the current state of AI integration in programming education from the perspectives of students.
  • Practical Guidelines: Learn about best practices for using AI tools in educational settings.
  • Future Implications: Understand the evolving role of AI in higher education and the responsibilities of educators in this context.

To delve deeper into this research and explore the recommended best practices for AI tool usage in programming courses, read the full paper through this link: Read the full study on AI in programming education.

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