Apple partners with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to Siri, iPhones and more!

Cupertino, California – June 10, 2024

Apple has unveiled its latest AI-driven innovation, Apple Intelligence, which integrates powerful generative models into iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This advanced AI system enhances user experience by providing personalized and context-aware intelligence while maintaining strong privacy standards. Key features include system-wide writing tools, improved Mail and Notifications, and new capabilities in image creation with Image Playground. Notably, Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI integrates ChatGPT into Siri and other Apple apps, enabling richer, more contextual interactions and content generation.

Siri can now provide tailored intelligence by leveraging on-device information, such as locating details on upcoming flights or tracking dinner reservations.

New Features Users Can Explore

  1. System-wide Writing Tools: Enhanced writing assistance across all applications.
  2. Smart Mail and Notifications: Improved sorting and context-aware suggestions.
  3. Image Playground: Advanced AI tools for creative image generation and editing.
  4. Siri and ChatGPT Integration: More natural and intelligent responses.
  5. Context-aware Suggestions: Personalized recommendations based on usage patterns.

For more details, visit Apple Newsroom.

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