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The Report of 85 AI Tools – cover illustration (photo)
Photo: Janne Harjamäki / University of Tampere + ChatGPT + DALL·E 3

To support the modernization of technology companies, the TEMOTERO project has produced a report on artificial intelligence tools, which offers readers access to AI-powered applications available worldwide. The report analyzes 85 tools designed for various industries. It highlights how generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology affects content production and the automation of production processes. The report is aimed at representatives of the business community in Satakunta and others interested in AI technology, helping them to familiarize themselves with the tools and find new ways to enhance business operations and innovate new uses.

The actual presentation of the tools was compiled in 2023, but now it has been reformulated with the help of artificial intelligence! So, there are AI-powered applications presented by AI itself.

We used ChatGPT and its Custom Instructions feature to create an automatic process (or parts of a process) where content previously created in a technical presentation style is reformulated, considering the perspective of business representatives. The report also discusses challenges and limitations observed during the development of the guidance process.

You can access the report (PDF, English) from the button below.

More information:
Project Manager: Petri Rantanen, University of Tampere (Pori unit), petri.rantanen(at)tuni.fi.
Project Page: https://www.avoinsatakunta.fi/temotero/

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