Prompt Patterns for Agile Software Project Managers: First Results

The article “Prompt Patterns for Agile Software Project Managers: First Results” by Sainio, K., Abrahamsson, P. & Ahtee, T., delves into the topical arena of Agile methodologies and their application in software project management. It was included in the proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Software Business (ICSOB 2023), curated by Hyrynsalmi, S., Münch, J., Smolander, K. & Melegati, J., and published by the notable academic press, Springer.

This academic publication is part of the series titled “Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing”, specifically, volume 500. The research is peer-reviewed, signaling its contribution to the refinement of knowledge within its field.

The authors meticulously explore the value and relevance of ‘Prompt Patterns’ in the setting of agile project management for software development. The work puts forth the initial findings of the study, contributing considerably to the related body of knowledge.

To delve into this academic work and enrich your understanding of Agile prompt patterns in software project management, follow this link: Read more here.
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