Zeeshan Rasheed

Ph.D student

As a PhD student at GPT Lab, my work is deeply involved in multi-agent AI programming, a field where I use the power of AI agents to improve and automate various aspects of software engineering. My efforts focus on a few main areas: making the process of generating code automatic so we can quickly turn project ideas into working software, making the process of analyzing qualitative data easier with AI tools, and comparing different large language models (LLMs) to see how well they perform in tasks related to software engineering. This work isn’t just about making new tech; it’s about changing how software development works with large language models. Through my work at GPT Lab, I aim to continue pushing the boundaries of AI application in software development, contributing to both the academic community and practical engineering fields. My goal is to explore and show the powerful impact of AI, especially in making software engineering tasks automatic and improving the methods we use for software development, leading to more efficient and innovative practices.

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