Mikko Nurminen


I am a Doctoral Researcher at GPT Lab, focusing on the intersection of communication, learning, and teaching within higher education, and as a part of my research I am interested in how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance these processes. 

My research explores the dynamics of communication in educational environments, aiming to improve the effectiveness of interactions between educators and students. By leveraging AI technologies, I aim to develop innovative solutions that support and streamline these communications, making educational exchanges more efficient and impactful. 

My goal is to bridge the gap between AI advancements and educational practices, ensuring that AI technologies are harnessed to their fullest potential to benefit both educators and learners. By integrating AI into higher education, I aim to foster an environment where communication is seamless, personalized, and conducive to academic success. 

In addition to my research, I am also involved in teaching and mentoring students, in part in helping them navigate the complexities of AI and its applications in educational settings. My efforts aim to inspire the next generation of researchers and practitioners to explore the exciting possibilities that AI offers in transforming education. 

And yes, parts of this introduction were created by using AI. 😊 

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