Juha Ala-Rantala

Research Assistant

Hello there! I am a Research Assistant in the GPT-Lab Seinäjoki project, working under the guidance of Jussi Rasku. My primary responsibilities include researching the application of large language models (LLMs) to benefit local companies by exploring innovative ideas and solutions. 

Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Tampere University, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, with a focus in software development. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer designing user interfaces, developing internal tools, and maintaining existing products. 

At GPT-Lab, I assist with research and development tasks related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering, computational science, optimization, and machine vision. I also contribute to administrative and communication tasks, event organization, and project reporting, ensuring the smooth execution and success of the project. My work is crucial for the project’s aim to integrate AI technology into local businesses, supporting their efforts in the green transition and optimizing their operations sustainably. 

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