Jari Soini

Research Manager

I am a research manager at Tampere University (TAU) Pori campus. Since 2014, I have held a full-time research manager position in the software engineering research group of TAU Pori. My duties include preparing, leading, and managing research carried out in various research projects. I also have duties related to university administrative tasks regarding the role of TAU at the University Consortium of Pori as well as other university community commissions in stakeholder groups in the Pori region.

During the research projects, I have carried out various diverse collaborations with companies, business development organizations, education providers and organizations in the public sector. My international research collaboration includes collaborative projects, lecture invitations, research visits and joint publications. Through these projects and collaborative efforts, I have accumulated knowledge on various associated research topics and subject matter. Additionally, I participate in national and international marketing and promotional work with the aim of increasing awareness of TAU and TAU Pori campus, as well as GPT Laboratory.

In terms of generative AI research, my interests concern its deployment and utilization in companies and organizations. I aim to gain insight into the incorporation of generative AI in real-world business environments from a practical perspective.

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