Research and collaboration

At GPT Lab, we are committed to expanding our research in the field of AI and software engineering. The scope of our research abilities extends beyond our own laboratory to include a global network of academic collaboration. We seek to develop and build long-term partnerships with researchers and institutions around the world, united by the common goal of advancing the boundaries of AI research.

Through these collaborations, we aim to explore new and relevant topics that push the limits of what is possible, addressing complex challenges that face society and industry alike. Whether you are looking to explore the ethical implications of AI, optimize industrial processes, or develop groundbreaking algorithms, we are always open to discussing the possibilities of research and collaboration.

Along with our search for collaboration with universities and research groups, we are also constantly looking for Ph.D. and Postdoctoral students to join our team at the GPT-Lab. If you are interested in joining our team or working with us, please contact Prof. Pekka Abrahamsson (

Our Projects and Case Studies

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