The “Demonstrating Generative AI in Code Refactoring” project is a pioneering effort that showcases the revolutionary role of generative AI in improving software development processes, with a focus on code refactoring. This initiative employs advanced generative AI techniques to identify areas in a software company’s codebase that could benefit from refactoring, automate optimized code generation, and ensure the refactored code maintains or enhances functionality and efficiency.

The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of generative AI in streamlining the code refactoring process. Objectives include:

  • Identification of code sections needing refactoring.
  • Development and training of a generative AI model tailored for code optimization.
  • Execution of code refactoring to improve code quality and maintainability.
  • Validation of the refactored code to ensure enhanced performance and functionality.
  • Creation and presentation of a compelling demonstration to stakeholders.
  • Collection of feedback for iterative improvement and refinement of the AI model.
  • Establishment of a continuous improvement plan to integrate generative AI into regular development workflows.

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