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The SEIntS research group at Tampere University, in collaboration with Otsola Adult Education Centre and as part of the project “Modernization of Technology Companies through AI and Robotics,” produced two online lectures on artificial intelligence.

The first lecture, “Basics of AI – Welcome to the World of AI” (March 27, 2024), introduced basic AI concepts and their applications in our daily lives. Otsola Adult Education Centre offered 100 ZOOM slots for interested listeners, and there was also an opportunity to attend and follow the lecture live at the University Consortium of Pori auditorium.

The second lecture, “AI in Society – A Deeper Dive” (April 10, 2024), focused on deepening the understanding of the ethical, societal, and technological impacts of AI. There was also a section aimed at raising AI literacy. Although the actual lecture was canceled, a recorded version was produced in post-production.

Below you will find the materials for the online lectures (the materials are in Finnish). The video recordings can be found on Otsola Adult Education Centre’s YouTube channel and are subtitled in Finnish. You can use YouTube’s automatic translation to get, for example, English subtitles.

Lecture 1:

Lecture 2:

Additional Information:

Fun fact: this blog post was assisted by an AI. Here’s to the wonders of technology!

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