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How to write a good paper abstract

Paper Title:

The title is the first condensed idea of your paper, therefore you should spend some time thinking about it. The title should be short (6 to 8 words or less), however, reflective to the paper contents and objectives. Titles need not be too descriptive nor be very specific.

One good tip is to structure the content of the abstract. Think of them like sections in your abstract. Therefore, your abstract should have the following “sections”:


This is the first phrases of your abstract. It should introduce the topic and highlight its importance. The introduction may summarize the previous research or related experience (Literature search). The introduction should end with a clear statement of the objective of the paper/presentation. A statement such as “In this paper/presentation we introduce a model for …..”, or “In this paper/presentation we report on our experience in …”, ..etc.


Then you should write some phrases, describing the approach/ methodology used to achieve the paper objectives. This may include model, analysis, survey, experience, interviews, etc.

Findings/ Results/ Outcome:

You should then summarize the findings resulting from applying the methodology. Statements such as “We achieve xx % reduction in ….” are suitable.


Finally, write about the contributions and benefits of the paper (presentation) to the field and/or the conference attendees. Recommended actions, extensions, expansions of the study, etc. may be included in this paragraph.

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