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**Warm Welcome to Prof. Markku Oivo: A New Milestone for DIMECC**

We at GPT-Lab are excited to celebrate the addition of Prof. Markku Oivo to the DIMECC team!

**The DIMECC Team Expansion: Significant Addition**

With immense pleasure, DIMECC announces a significant expansion. The addition of Prof. Markku Oivo as Distinguished Advisor, effective from May 2, 2024, is a momentous occasion, marking a substantial milestone and guiding the Software for the Ecosystems (SW4E) towards ambitious pursuits.

**Meet Professor Markku Oivo: A Veteran in ICT and Higher Education**

Prof. Oivo is no stranger to the ICT industry and academia, boasting of over 40 years of experience. He carved a niche for himself through his impactful leadership at the M3S research unit at the University of Oulu, initiating and supervising a plethora of national and international research projects.

**Revitalizing Finnish Software and ICT Ecosystems**

In his designated role at DIMECC, Prof. Oivo is well-placed to leave a significant imprint on the advancement of software and ICT ecosystems in Finland. His priority centers around fostering collaboration between businesses and research organizations, the key catalysts for sectoral progress. Further, Prof. Oivo’s commitment extends to nurturing partnerships between industry and doctoral training programs, fueling innovation and broadening perspectives.

**New Role Commencement and Contact Details**

The curtain raises on Prof. Oivo’s new position from Thursday onward. His updated email,, is open for correspondence. Keep an eye out for further announcements from DIMECC regarding this appointment, slated to follow the culmination of the Wappu festivities.

**In Conclusion: Harnessing Prof. Oivo’s Expertise for DIMECC’s Vision**

Prof. Oivo’s appointment signifies DIMECC’s commitment to spearheading technological advancement and nurturing academic cooperation. His rich expertise and forward-looking strategic approach will power DIMECC, driving substantial progress in research, fostering robust industry partnerships, and catapulting DIMECC to heightened contributions to technology and innovation.

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